Our Privacy Policy.

The Marketing Plan Shop is owned by Lindsey Wagnon Marketing. When you visit our sites - we collect personal information through the website platform's standard analytics tracking as well as Google analytics. See below for a breakdown of what that means.

What we track

Through website analytics attached to our websites, we track any enabled cookie data collection as well as the analytics capabilities of the above mentioned tracking sites. This includes IP address, geography, user engagement with the website and conversions like page visits, scrolling, button clicks and product ordering.

Why we track it

Analytics data is useful for the ongoing marketing and sales growth of our brand and affiliated companies. We use the data to be informed about who we're reaching and what their actions are.

Email sign-ups

We are not able to gather email addresses from a website visit UNLESS that visitor opts into email marketing through a form. When someone shares their data through an email opt-in form, we will add the to our email list and send email marketing. The subscriber can easily unsubscribe from our email marketing list at any time.